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We're your search engine for fun. With millions of events and places worldwide on funseek, you can explore authentic local experiences when you're traveling or rediscover your amazing neighborhood, your city. Be adventurous. Be bold. Try something new like a kayak scavenger hunt or try your jokes in front of a room full of strangers at an open mic night.

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There's something for everybody on funseek, especially the fun planners. You know who you are. The designated fun finder, the event planner, crowd pleaser, the cheerleader, the miracle worker. More importantly, we know who you are. You inspire us. You make fun happen for your friends, family, co-workers and community. We know finding fun is anything but easy. It's time-consuming and tiring. funseek has you covered. We created funseek to be your go-to-source for fun. Share events and places with anyone and everyone you know.

funseek is everybody-friendly because our core belief is everyone is entitled to fun. Some of our members include arts & theaters aficiandos, auto enthusiasts, beauty mavens, foodies, health and fitness buffs, luxury shoppers, luxury travelers, movie lovers, music lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, savvy parents, sports fans, and of course, thrill seekers.

funseek is much more than events and places. At funseek we believe fun happens at the intersection of creativity, commerce, community and connections. Our vision is to make funseek an impactful platform in all these spheres. Anyone can Create an Event on funseek. It's free and easy!

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