Katra Lounge and Restaurant

Katra Lounge and Restaurant

217 The Bowery (btwn Prince & Rivington), New York, New York 10002, United States

(212) 473-3113

Hours: Sun: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Tue: 5:00 pm - Tue: 2:00 am, Wed: 5:00 pm - Wed: 12:00 am, Thu: 5:00 pm - Thu: 4:00 am, Fri: 5:00 pm - Fri: 4:00 am, Sat: 5:00 pm - Sat: 4:00 am,


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  • October 04, 2017
    Good new year party but bouncer was worst anyone can be… We were there for new yr party’17. Super crowded and management had not expected this much crowd. They charged for checking coats which were not there in the ad. There were 2 levels and DJ were different at both levels. We did not get many starters as we were promised. The bartender was trying her best to keep happy everyone. Upper level has sofa seats and groups seating arrangement. It was quite congested but we had a good time. They had all the options in liquor. The only worst thing was when I went out with my friend after 1 for smoke, they did not let us in and we had a fight over this. Management was quite helpless on this, seems few brown people arranged this event and they had less authority over this. Party wise-its good. Rest-they needs to improve.
    October 21, 2017
    Signed up for promotion ahead of time, guys enter free before midnight. But there was a queue. So I checked in with the doorman when I arrived at 11:45. When entering club at 12:02, same doorman wouldn’t honor my ticket/free entry, and was extremely rude about it (little Asian dude). ...fake promotion. It’s funny how customers are treated when times are good. Our collective memories will certainly last longer than your success will.
    October 18, 2017
    The Drinks Were Awesome and The Music, Small Place Slippery Floors and Security Team Has Bad Customer Service and Take People Belongings that's Not Accepted into the lounge which I understand but the charge them to get it back....So Wrong on So many Levels because if you asked can I go take it back to the car there Response is "If You Leave Without Giving It Up Now, You Can't Come Back Into The Lounge" So Not Right
    October 18, 2017
    Love this place! The belly dancing nights are so interesting and they have a great mix of music from hip hop to middle eastern and Indian music. It's always a good time.
    August 06, 2017
    Had an AMAZING!!! Time at Katra Lounge. A big Thank you to Ted Lover for making my husband's 51st Birthday an Epic an Memorable Event. A shout out to Crystal the best hostess. ❤👌A big thank you to Ra 😘
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