St. Luke's Theatre

St. Luke's Theatre

308 West 46th Street, New York, New York 10036, United States

(212) 246-8140

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Most of the theatres are on the right side streets between 8th Avenue and Broadway from 44th to 53rd Streets. There are parking garages along the way.  Please be aware, directions are subject to change due to detours, road/track work, etc.

A, C, E - To 42nd Street, walk North to appropriate street. 
N, Q, R - To 42nd Street, walk North to appropriate street.
B, D, F - To 42nd Street (at 6th Ave), walk West, and then North to appropriate street.
1, 2, 3 - To 42nd Street/Times Square and walk North to appropriate street.
4, 5, 6 - To 42nd Street, transfer to shuttle to Times Square and walk North. 7 - To Times Square and walk North to appropriate street.

Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station (Under Madison Square Garden at 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.) On foot, walk North (Uptown) where 7th Ave merges with Broadway at Times Square. Theatre district is above 42nd Street.  
New Jersey Transit to Penn Station (see above for walking directions) 
Metro North (Harlem, Hudson & New Haven lines) and other Northern lines to Grand Central on 42nd Street between Lexington & Madison Aves. By foot or car, travel west on 42nd Street or any West bound cross street 5 or 6 blocks to the theatre district.  By subway, take the subway shuttle to Times Square and walk North to appropriate street.

Ferry Service:
For NY/NJ call 212-225-5368 for information.

Queens Mid-town Tunnel into Manhattan, bear right and exit off uptown exit which will let you off @ 37th Street and 3rd Avenue. Head west on 37th to 6th Avenue, take a right onto 6th Avenue North to 45th or 47th Streets and head left to Times Square area.

Queensboro 59th Street Bridge into Manhattan, exit bridge @ 59th Street and 2nd Avenue or onto 60th Street heading East if the upper roadway is taken. Head South (downtown) on 2nd Avenue to any West bound street from 52nd Street down to 42nd Street. Head West about 6-8 blocks into the theatre district.

Holland Tunnel into Manhattan empties onto Canal Street. Stay to the right and follow directions to Hudson Street. Follow Hudson Street North which becomes 8th Avenue. Stay on 8th Avenue to 42nd Street or above for Broadway theatre district.

George Washington Bridge On upper level, first right hand exit off bridge. On lower level, exit is 175th Street/9A, North Henry Hudson Parkway. Go right where exit forks towards the Henry Hudson. Make a left at second fork and follow onto Henry Hudson Parkway South (becomes Westside Highway). Westside Highway ends at 57th Street or any eastbound cross Street ( 5 to 6 blocks).

Lincoln Tunnel Take the New Jersey Turnpike to the Lincoln Tunnel. Exit in Manhattan. Follow the signs for 42nd Street & make a right onto 42nd Street. Follow to 8th Avenue (second light) making a left onto 8th Avenue heading North.

The Brooklyn Bridge Take the FDR North exit. Stay on FDR Drive to 42nd Street, go straight for about 6 to 8 blocks until you reach Times Square.

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Gowanus Parkway from Brooklyn. Exit from the tunnel and bear left. Make a right hand turn onto West Street (Old Westside Highway) and follow to 42nd. Make a right onto 42nd Street and follow 8th Avenue. Make a left onto 8th Avenue and head North. A majority of the theatres are situated on the side streets between 8th Avenue and Broadway (to the right) from 44th to 53rd Streets.
  • January 06, 2018
    Its a small charming theater. Saw ' Friends ', the show was Awesome but the theater can be frustrating if you are not in the right mood for long bathroom lines and seating that unless you are in the first few rows you literally can barely see unless you are 6 ft. I am 5'5 and was in the second to last row, the person in front of me was probably 5'10 and I am glad I was next to a friend of mine who didn't mind me leaning on him the whole show and even then you couldn't really see the whole stage due to various other heads blocking parts... so moral of the story, come with patience and try to get the 1st couple rows
    May 29, 2018
    I had a blast here I have bewn here 3 times...great shows...I give it 4 stars because its a very small dated theater and the bathroom isnt tidy....shows r great!
    February 23, 2018
    Went to see the Friends Musical Parody which turned out to be amazing. Had to leave early due to my fiance being suck at the time but would definitely revisit. Only downside was the lack of airflow for the theater room.
    December 10, 2017
    We just saw "friends the parody" it was hilarious. The theater is small and intimate. Only holds 150-175 people. The floor is flat and the stage is raised about two feet. About floor level. Because the size you feel like your part of the show.
    December 30, 2017
    Theatre in the basement of a church and you sit on folding chairs. We happened to see a terrific show and didn't mind a bit how our surroundings appeared. After all, "the play's the thing"
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