The Bailey Pub and Brasserie

The Bailey Pub and Brasserie

52 William Street, New York, New York 10005, United States

(212) 859-2200

Hours: Sun: 7:00 am - Sun: 1:00 am, Mon: 7:00 am - Mon: 2:00 am, Tue: 7:00 am - Tue: 2:00 am, Wed: 7:00 am - Wed: 2:00 am, Thu: 7:00 am - Thu: 2:00 am, Fri: 7:00 am - Fri: 2:00 am, Sat: 7:00 am - Sat: 2:00 am,

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  • October 15, 2017
    Worst steak I've ever had. The meat itself was cooked unevenly. I ordered medium. Some parts were over charred and other parts were perfect, and others may still be mooing. Drinks here are great but be careful about the steak....I wouldn't want to talk about the chicken, you might as well book an appointment with the hospital. If i could give no stars. I would. Not worth it, they charged me gratuity and its not worth 50$!!!!!
    September 24, 2017
    Heart of Wall Street and they have their own Bull! Great place high ceilings massive painting of Beckett who's is a great piece of art. Food service and cocktails all pleasing and enjoyable
    November 13, 2017
    This place isn't bad. It probably deserves 5 stars because there is nothing wrong with it. In my opinion it lacks charachter. There's nothing that stands out about it.
    September 07, 2017
    Well, what a gem of a place. A sister restaurant to Liberty Place, which was fully booked out on the evening we wanted to visit, glad we came to the Bailey instead. The waiting staff were great and a special mention to Seamus who was very attentive and accommodating. I would definitely recommend.
    November 03, 2017
    Just had the coddle and being from Ireland it took me home. Flavors amazing. Love this local especially Amy behind the local just got better!

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