Old Town Bar

Old Town Bar

45 E. 18th St., New York, New York 10018, United States

(212) 529-6732

Hours: Sun: 1:00 pm - Sun: 12:00 am, Mon: 11:30 am - Mon: 1:00 am, Tue: 11:30 am - Tue: 1:00 am, Wed: 11:30 am - Wed: 1:00 am, Thu: 11:30 am - Thu: 1:00 am, Fri: 11:30 am - Fri: 1:00 am, Sat: 12:00 pm - Sat: 1:00 am,


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  • February 10, 2018
    Old Town Bar is a cool looking, historic bar. It has a dumbwaiter- that pulley elevator thing that transports trays and plates to and from the basement to the ground floor. It has high ceilings and old fashioned wooden furnishings. But tables are also sticky and the place overall is sort of dingy. If the place had a major cleaning, it would be so, so much nicer- at least for someone like me who's a bit of a germ person. All in all though, a solid, historical NYC bar with no major complaints.
    February 08, 2018
    I visited this establishment a few months ago with a friend and had a poor experience with my waiter who was a older white female. This was in the first 2 minutes of sitting down, so i moved to the bar and the bartender was pleasant and saved the evening. But last night my friend suggested we go here and I immediately remembered my last time being here and reluctantly agreed to go. AGAIN. SAME WAITER With the same nasty attitude all in the first 60 seconds of serving me. I am a young black girl and I immediately felt her negative energy. I was sitting in a booth. There had to be no more than 7 people in this bar/restaurant at the time. First thing she says is “are you waiting for other people?” I said yes they should be here shortly. She said “well how long?” I said..... “shortly.” She says “well if my boss comes down and sees one person taking up a booth ill get in trouble. I said “well like i said... people will be joining me shortly” After about 10 mins of awkward exchanges over drink recommendations, 1 of 3 of my guests shows up. Waitress comes back and gets her drink (with a smile now ill add) and says “it’s 10$ per person to sit here.” Mind you drinks are 7$ and up and we had already had one that was half empty so once the rest of my party arrived I’m SURE we would get another round. But anyway, something didn’t seem right about that. So my friend asks one bartender and i ask another and neither of them said they knew anything about that policy. Mine said “i don’t do anything with the tables.” And on top of that i see nothing but parties of 2 in all of the surrounding booth. My friend and I are both people of color but she is white passing so I knew this was a race issue. I ask her to send the manager to our table in hopes that maybe he can explain this policy. This is where things REALLY went left. The manager who was old, white, and large immediately came over on the defense. He doesn’t even ask what the issue is before rambling off about their “policy”. He also refuses to address me directly. He’s only looking at my friend and acts like I’m not even there. At this point another guest in my party shows up and is just stunned by the managers body language and behavior. My friend cuts him off and says “hey, would you like to get our side of the story now?” And he says ok and then I say “And you can address me because I’m actually the one who called you over here.” He just starts SHOUTING at me going on and on but finishes with “and if you don’t like it, you can leave” .... and I followed with “gladly”. A simple discussion could have prevented this entire situation. As I’m collecting my belongings the waitress comes over in a scuff and starts clearing the table (or our two empty drinks I might add) as if to rush us out faster. It was just unbelievable and sad. This place is trash. Blatant racist trash, and I would discourage anyone from ever wasting your money there.
    February 10, 2018
    I am not the type to write reviews on restaurants but the service and food was shockingly horrible that I have no choice but to warn others not to waste their time! I've had bad food before at this restaurant (I don't know why I came back) but this time the chicken was uncooked and bleeding! After complaining to the server AND manger they did not accommodate my meal and expected me to still pay. Besides the bleeding chicken the overall service was cold and unwelcoming. The older white lady clearly was not fond to serving my friends and I. She asked "what did we want" instead of asking politely and after only giving us one drink she never asked if we wanted something else or if we wanted a refill. I was surprise to see that the chicken was under-cooked because it took over 1.5 hours for the server to bring it to us! If your the type of conservative, racist, Trump supporting bigot than OLD TOWN BAR is the place for you!
    February 23, 2018
    Suprisingly good food. The burger is very solid, but the standout is the tuna melt on English muffin. Lots of history on the walls to keep you interested while you sit.
    November 09, 2017
    Don’t go for the food, but everything else is grand. Nice historic bar, beautiful decor, and robust friendly atmosphere. It’s a place to grab a lively beer after work. Be prepared to stand as it gets packed quickly. There’s an upstairs, but it’s for restaurant dining only and, to be honest, you shouldn’t go to Old Town Bar for the food.
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